Ljósmyndir: © Nanne Springer

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Artist’s residence and studio
Completed: 2008-2020 
Photographs: © Nanne Springer

A house and studio for the visual artist Georg Guðni Hauksson and his family (a family of seven) in the south of Iceland.

The site is in a barren landscape at the roots of the volcano Hekla, with little or no built structures in the vicinity. The name „berangur“ in icelandic means barren, arid, desolate etc. and was given to the site by the owners after they bought the land in 2004. The name reflects the condition of the land and is a clear reflection of Georg Guðni´s paintings.

The project consists of a family house, a studio and a guest house, altogether 370 sq. meters.The volumes are laid as to form a courtyard accessible from all volumes. The orientation and wall openings are set as to frame the key views from the site in all directions, harness the wind and create a sheltered space for outdoor activities. The structures are timber and steel frame clad with redwood cedar which gradually develops a grey patina. This allows the project to interact and fit in with the natural colours of the surrounding landscape.